4 Smart Applications of 3D Printing Technology

In the quest to be friendlier toward the environment, experts have conducted research and tests to find smarter technologies for daily living. After all, scientists have established that climate change is real, despite protests from those don’t really believe in the phenomenon. Since the Earth is getting warmer year after year, humans need to be more conscious of limited natural resources available today.


One such technology is 3D printing. Instead of using precious raw materials like metal from the ground and paper from the trees, 3D printing mainly uses engineered plastics and polymers for producing, well, 3D models of whatever needs to be printed. This also cuts significant time, making it a smart solution for today’s everyday problems. Since 3D printing technology has its advantages, most industries are now delving deeper into the applications of this smart solution. Here are four of such industries that have used and are promoting 3D printing.



Have you ever been inside offices of multinational companies or large hotel chains? You do notice how prominently they display their name and logo, right? After all, branding is considered an important part of marketing, and a lot of respectable companies have their own dedicated branding guidelines teams. While most are still using metal and wood in their names and logos, other startups are now considering 3D printing for their office names at the reception and in other high-traffic areas. 3D printing gives more freedom in terms of design, color, size, and intricate detail, after all.


Building Technologies

Another common use of 3D printing UAE professionals recommend is in interior design, architecture, and engineering. When presenting their own designs, these building professionals have to provide a 3D scale model of their ideas, right? Now, instead of spending lots of precious hours building scale models, they can print their ideas in 3D, all with the right colors, textures, and size. While this may be costly, it does impress clients and investors to seriously consider a certain project proposal.



If you spend considerable time reading news online, you have probably come across viral articles about patients who have found more freedom in movement through 3D-printed prosthetic limbs. This gives a new hope to people who depend on others on simple tasks like eating, taking a bath, or changing clothes. A more sophisticated application involves 3D-printed small items for internal organs. This allows healthcare professionals to take better care of their patients, and increases the probability of survival for those who largely depend on these experts for their life.



Established printing companies in Dubai also provide services to schools and their dedicated teachers. Medical schools now turn to 3D printing technologies for life-size models of various organs, allowing the students to really touch these by hand and better appreciate and absorb what they’re learning. Special education teachers also use 3D-printed toys to develop the senses and basic learning of students with learning challenges.


With these applications, 3D printing is indeed a smart technological tool today.