How to arrange the perfect proposal photoshoot

Every single person who gets married wants to make sure that the memories they have of the great day are preserved forever. One thing that you can do is to hire a great photographer for the wedding photoshoot. However, pictures of only the wedding seem to be out of place without great pictures from the proposal. These days it is common to woo the bride to be with an incredibly intricate proposal that shows how much the groom loves her. So if you are going to propose to your bride to be in an elaborate proposal then you should immortalize the occasion with a proposal photoshoot. Here are some pro tips on how to arrange the best proposal shoot.

The perfect photographer

The first thing that you should do is to find a great photographer. They should have extensive experience in proposal photoshoots, you can find this by visiting there website and there is usually a small icon which says “for portfolio, click here“, they should also have a good online and offline portfolio and their equipment should be top notch. When you have arranged the photographer, you should start to think about the venue and the place where you are going to propose.

The perfect location

The best place to pop the question is someplace where you two have made great memories together. Think of someplace where you can take the bride to be and then you can be photographed in good conditions. Make sure that you are not in a place which is subject to bad light, and if you have decided on a dusk photo shoot make sure that the person who is snapping the pictures has come equipped with great lighting equipment.

Bride should be comfortable

The third important tip is to make sure that the bride is comfortable. So make sure that both of you are on the same page as far as the location and handling of the shoot are concerned. If she wants a public place and you want somewhere more private, you should discuss it with her instead of making a unilateral decision. Things like these will irk the birdie to be and this will seep through in the pictures that are going to stay with you forever.

Choice of dress

The final step is to choose the dresses that both of you are going to wear. It is recommended that you do this after consulting the photographer and the makeup artist. For both of them will have to work their magic around the dress, so make sure that you take their advice into consideration when selecting the dress for your perfect proposal photoshoot.