Prevent Plumbing Problems

Plumbing is hard work. It requires technical knowhow, experience, and the right tools. But most of us have tried at least once to go the DIY route and try to fix minor plumbing problems in our homes ourselves. The problem is, even the smallest of mistakes can sometimes cause very expensive damage.

Like with anything, prevention is better than cure. So my personal rule in plumbing, is to prevent problems from happening, but to contact professionals in times of need. In this article, I’m sharing with you some tips I learned from a company with the best painters in Dubai. Turns out, they also offer plumbing services, and they gave me the following tips to live by:


Know The Very Basic

You don’t necessarily have to know basic plumbing (although that would be for the best); but at least familiarize yourself with your home plumbing. Know where the main switch is and learn how to turn your water on and off.


Respect Your Sinks And Drains

Don’t treat your sinks and drains as you would trash cans. Avoid dumping morsels of food and fruit and vegetable peelings on them. Yes, even if you have a garbage disposal unit installed. These small solids could still form clogs over time. Even cooking grease can solidify and over a long period of time cause some clogging.


Throw solid trash, no matter how small, in the trash. Install strainers on your drain to catch hair, soap scum, tissue paper, and other possible cloggers.


Pro Tip: To get rid of cooking grease, pour it in a container and freeze it. Scoop the solidified grease, and throw it in the trash.



Avoid Commercial Drain Cleaners

Sure, chemical-based commercial drain cleaners do get rid of clogging. But they are made up of really really strong chemicals that also cause damage to your pipes. Most of them are known to eat through the walls of pipes and speed up deterioration, causing you to replace them earlier. They may be convenient for declogging, but they would cost you more eventually.


Pro Tip: Prevent clogging just by using baking soda and white vinegar! Pour a cup of baking soda on your sink. Then pour a cup of white vinegar. Let it sit overnight, and rinse the next day with hot water. Do this at least once every 2 months.


Use The Right Tools

If you do decide to do a little tinkering, like tightening some plumbing fittings, always use the right tools. Using the wrong tools may cause or worsen damage, leading you to spend more when you do decide to contact a professional plumber later on. Also, remember to never over crank or over tighten; overdoing these may strip threads and damage your material.


It is great to live by these tips in order to prevent plumbing disasters. But in times of plumbing problems, don’t hesitate to have professionals do the work. They may save you more money by preventing you to do more damage. For me, I know where to go for the the best plumbing services in Dubai.