Which should you take? IELTS or the Pearson English Test

With a plethora of testing options out there, students are bound to get confused. Before your decision making process transforms into a herculean task, here’s a quick glance at how the Pearson English Exam and the IELTS differ, so that you can make an informed decision and choose the right one according to your needs:

  • Flexibility

The IELTS are held only on 24 fixed days throughout the year. On the other hand, due to the availability of myriad PTE academic centers sprawled in more than 50 countries, students can take the test on any date that suits them, keeping in mind the availability of the seats in the candidate chosen center.

  • Faster scores

Due to the manual scoring technique of IELTS, the results take up to 13 working days to come through after the test is taken. On the other hand, the computerized processes of the PTE ensure that your results are generated within 5 days of taking the test. This extremely accurate computer marking also translates into zero potential for examiner error or bias and consistent scores.

  • Integrated Testing

A lot of English language proficiency tests fail to meet the standards due to their inability to seamlessly merge together myriad facets of the language, such as awareness to a context, paraphrasing, speaking, and comprehension. On the other hand, PTE addresses these refined issues by asking comprehensive and integrated questions that simultaneously test your reading and writing skills.

  • Real Life English

No matter which country you are choosing to immigrate to or study in, people are going to be speaking varied accents of English there. Since the PTE-A seeks to gauge your grasp of real-life language, be prepared to view charts and graphs, while hearing excerpts from real lectures, in varied accents ranging from non-native speakers to American and British.

  • Automated audio test

Since all the PTE-A audio tests are automated, they are also marked by a computer. A great benefit gleaned from this is that the voice recording allows universities to glimpse into the standard of spoken English, a far more accurate evaluation than done by a single certified IELTS examiner. While IELTS preparation course in Dubai instills confidence in students, a computerized program still works for people who are more comfortable in speaking out when they are not feeling intimidated by an examiner.


When it comes to the costs associated with both tests, the Person English exam is cheaper than IELTS.