Fun Food Photography Terms That You Need To Know

Food photography is a very different kind of field in the photography industry. It is so different that in fact, it was able to produce a number of terms specifically used for by food photographers and food stylists alone.

Whether you are an aspiring photographer trying to get into the industry of food photography in Dubai or a client managing a food photo shoot for your client, here are some fun terms that you might come across:

  • Stand in food


The stand in food is a term used by food photographers to describe as a dish that is placed in front of the camera for the sake of testing. This is done especially if there are ingredients in your dish that wilt easily. The photo shoot setup can take too much time as their will be light testing involved. If you use the food or the dish that the team cooked, there is a chance that it will look lumpy when the actual shoot starts. A stand in food will do if you are still testing the shots. It is similar to a stand in model, who is placed in front of the camera for shot test before the actual model comes in.


  • Hero food


The hero food is basically the star of the shoot. It is the dish that will be shot. It is perfectly-styled dish that is shot in variations and styles and given to client afterwards. When doing food photo shoots, the team usually cook and prepare more than one hero food for a single dish. This is to ensure that the food looks fresh and delicious all throughout the shoot. The backup will be used if the previous dish is no longer good for the shoot.  It is also called a beauty dish or the beauty shot.


  • Mark the plate


The term “mark the plate” refers to the process of marking the exact location of the plate or dish once it is taken out of the shoot. Since the camera and the lights are already set up, position of the dish should stay the same to avoid adjustments. If the placing will be different, the photographer and his team would have to re-do the set up. Marking the exact position of the plate would save the team from this kind of dilemma and delay.


  • Food rigging


Creative food photographers like to experiment on the looks of the food or the dish. However, there are instances when the food is not looking exactly how the photographers and stylists expects it to be. To remedy the situation, a little food rigging is done so the look the team wants can be achieved. It would involve some manipulation on the food like spritzing and putting oils to make it look fresh.

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