Try These Exhilarating Corporate Events to Keep Your Employees Happy

Money is not the only reason why employees stay in a company. The management, culture in the workplace, career path, recognitions and activities for recreation also matter. If you are an employer or part of the management, try to add these exhilarating corporate events on your company activities this year. These types of event could help keep employees happy, productive and loyal.


  1. Company Concert

Set an event where you can feature your employees’ talents in singing, dancing, acting, playing instruments, media production, hosting, scriptwriting, etc. If you have a big population, try to get some representatives per division and let them perform on the concert. Seek help from experts in musical and theatrical production like Franco Dragone in Dubai, the former Director of Cirque du Soleil to be able to come up with a world class event.


  1. Grand Ball

Let your employees experience prom once more by hosting a grand ball for them. Ball parties are always thrilling since you would wear a beautiful gown or a stunning tuxedo. Looking for a date is also both challenging and a pressure for some because they need a partner on the dance floor. Grand balls are best with special recognitions such as star/s of the night and best dressed awards.


  1. Olympics Week

Sporty employees would surely be thrilled to participate in the Olympics week. This idea also makes a great team building project. Divide the employees into four to seven groups and ask them to make a cheer. Finalize the schedule and venue of each game. Opt for group sports such as basketball, volleyball, rugby and football. Remember to give medals, trophies and/or other prizes to the winning team/s.


  1. Awards Night

Rewards and recognitions help motivate employees to perform well and to be more productive. Aside from the normal email recognitions, employees also deserve to receive awards and be recognized on stage – on their stunning attire. It’s best to include monetary awards to bring more joy to the workers.


  1. Corporate Outreach Activity

Isn’t it a good sight to witness a company that fulfils their corporate social responsibility corporately? We’re sure your employees would consider it a privilege to represent your company for a good purpose.


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