Facts related to medical tourism

People have to leave their homeland for the healthcare service. After all it’s the matter of saving their family. People travel to different countries to get good and affordable health care services, this is called as medical tourism.

To promote this form of practice, travel agencies gave it a name of medical tourism.

Medical tourism in UAE is growing at a faster pace because mostly people can’t afford the treatments in Dubai. The thing which has given a boost to the medical tourism is that people can’t afford the costly treatment, that’s why they move to different countries to get their treatments at low rates.

In developed countries, the cost of treatment is unbearable for a person who earns day and night to feed his family. People who are on daily wages can’t afford to get the things done at high rates. In third world countries, they get treatment at affordable rates.

In western countries the cost of health insurance is quite high and the unemployment serves as the next big factor. People are left with no other option other than going to somewhere else to find treatment at affordable rates.

Cost comparison

If you compare the cost of the two, you will get to know that the third world country acts as life saver for the people with low income. In U.S if somebody needs to get a liver transparent then he needs to pay $300,000. On the contrary if you travel to Taiwan to get it done then it will cost you $85,000 approximately. Well there is a huge price difference between the two and you can’t ignore the rates.

Moreover it isn’t like that for every other thing you go for medical tourism, just like for first-aid training you don’t need to go to another country. If you are interested in getting the training, there are several institutes that offer first aid training in Dubai. It is not confined to Dubai but you can find it any country.


Why do people prefer medical tourism?

The only reason of medical tourism isn’t that it saves the cost but there are some other factors with it. In U.K, U.S.A, for the medical procedures, the waiting time is frustrating enough. While if you go for the medical tourism then the entire medical procedure is properly planned, so you don’t need to face hurdles.


Drawbacks of medical tourism

Just like benefits, medical tourism has some drawbacks as well. For instance, if a person visits a third world country and that country doesn’t follow the high standards of hygiene. Well, it can make the condition complicated.

In many countries, there are multiple ethical issues related to the organ transplantation which can make you suffer. People opt for medical tourism for getting the simple and intricate procedures likewise, knee replacement, dental surgery etc.

The most famous destinations for medical tourism include Taiwan, India, New Zealand, Cuba and many others.